How To Know Which Engagement Ring To Buy

So you’re looking to surprise your lucky lady with a romance-filled evening which will involve getting down on one knee, a sparkly ring, and hopefully the word ‘YES!’ – but how do you know which engagement ring is right for your future wife? We thought we’d use our expert knowledge to help you make sense of all the confusion.

Engagement Ring Vs. Wedding Band

So what is the difference between an engagement ring and a wedding ring, and what should you consider?

Remember that on your wedding day, you will both exchange rings, and from that day onwards, your wife will be wearing her engagement ring with the wedding band. This means that if you are wanting to wear matching wedding bands, and you have a colour in mind, it will be a good idea to look for an engagement ring made out of the same metal.

Something to always consider when it comes to the design of the engagement ring vs wedding band is that traditionally, engagement rings have a more complex design. Engagement rings are often embedded with diamonds and made in various styles, and although wedding bands come in many different fashions, they usually complement the engagement ring rather than outshine it. Bear in mind that the ring you choose needs to be beautiful yet practical.

Choosing The Right Size

Ring size guide

There is nothing worse than having proposed in a beautiful setting with the love of your life having just said “yes” and then struggling to fit the ring on her finger. But how are you supposed to know what size ring she is without asking her?

This to scale ring size guide is perfect for finding out finger measurements, so you won’t need to sneak around asking her friends and family. Using this guide will allow you to make sure the proposal is kept completely secret and will give you an easy way to accurately find out her size.

Find a ring that she already owns and either measure the diameter or hold up the ring to the screen. If you think she may be in between sizes, don’t worry – rings come in all different sizes and bespoke rings can be easily designed to fit your measurements.

The Right Engagement Ring For Her Taste

It’s always difficult to know whether you are buying the perfect engagement ring for her taste, and it can be quite stressful to make the decision with not a lot of help – but that’s what we’re here for!

For this decision, you’re going to need your memory, observation skills, and maybe a little help from her girlfriends. Think back to any times where she may have spoken about rings that she’s liked – either those that her friends have been given or when you have been shopping – and use those styles as a guide to know which engagement ring will be more her taste.

You can also gauge what sort of general ring style she likes by paying close attention to the ones she wears on a regular basis. You want to make sure that you don’t choose an engagement ring too similar to a design that she already has, but you will be able to see whether she usually goes for delicate designs, contemporary styles, single stones or multiple stones. For further information about our engagement rings, you can browse our collection or speak to our experts on 01296 423 198.

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