Top Tips for Designing An Engagement Ring

There is no other ring quite as special as an engagement ring (besides the wedding ring), and if you want a ring which truly celebrates your love for one another, then why not design your engagement ring? If this is something you are considering, then check out these top tips to learn exactly what you need to consider.

Tip One: The Design & Style of the Ring

Don’t worry you won’t need to design the ring completely from scratch (although you can do if this is what you want). What we suggest is going through magazines and looking online at the different engagement rings available – this will give you a rough idea of what you like and what you don’t.

Once you’ve done this you can then start to collate a list which outlines the features you want incorporating into your ring, taking certain aspects of rings you’ve seen and merged them into one ring. Once you’ve established the design and the overall style of the ring, you can then go on to consider the diamond and the material of the ring itself – these are choices which are influenced by the style and overall design of the ring.

Tip Two: Choose The Diamond

The diamond is an important factor for many women, and regardless of your budget, you may still be able to choose a diamond which is the size you want. The price of a diamond is dependent on its cut, clarity, colour and carat weight.

With this in mind, you can choose a large diamond which is imperfect but to the untrained eye is still as beautiful as one which is graded far higher.

Tip Three: Choose a Precious Metal

There are lots of metals to choose from, whether you want gold, palladium or platinum – however, the type of metal you choose is dependent on the style of the ring and your personal preference. With this in mind, white metals are very popular at the moment.

You may think that designing your own engagement ring is out of your budget, but at Aylesbury Bullion, we will work with you and help you to design the ring of your dream and to a set budget. For more details visit our jewellery shop in Oxford or telephone us on 01296 423 198.