Top 3 Birthday Gift Ideas for a Loved One

Every now and then a loved one celebrates a truly special occasion: a significant birthday or anniversary, a fantastic success at work or in education, or even fighting off a potentially life-threatening illness. Choosing a gift to mark such an occasion can be tricky, but here are some hints and tips to help you decide what to get them.

First of all, perishables are a no-no. Flowers and chocolates are good presents, but for this occasion, you will want to get something long-lasting that they can treasure forever. The present should be beautiful and attractive and make the recipient feel truly blessed to have received it.

An item of jewellery fits the bill admirably, being something that the recipient can keep on their person at all times, will last well – especially if crafted from something like gold or silver, which is ageless – and finally, will remind the recipient of you every time they see it.

1.    Necklaces

These versatile pieces of jewellery can come in a wide variety of styles; from chunky snake chains to fine delicate chains supporting a precious stone pendant. The beauty of a necklace as a gift is that you can choose the style that suits the person, be it a man or a woman, whom you are buying the gift for, and if so desired, you can add a pendant with a carefully worded personalised sentiment on the back. Necklaces can be proudly displayed for all to see, or they can be tucked discreetly inside clothing while at work; either way, they can be worn, close to the heart, all the time!

2.    Rings

Rings are another ideal unisex jewellery item. Again coming in a range of styles, shapes and sizes, nearly everyone can wear a ring. You can choose to have the ring plain, adorned with a series of small precious gems, or showcasing one large and beautiful gemstone. Rings are an excellent present being small and easy to wear or store, and also provide a wonderful hidden surface upon which a loving message can be inscribed.

3.    Watches

A watch is a useful, practical gift, making sure that the recipient will always know the time; but they can also be beautifully decorative! The front of the watch can be stunningly beautiful, quirky and amusing or simple and plain, depending on the tastes and preferences of the recipient. The back panel of the watch, like the under-surface of a ring, allows scope for a personal message to be engraved.

The beauty of the above-named popular gifts is that they can all be worn for both formal and everyday occasions. The recipient will touch or see the gift often and be reminded of their special birthday event and your thoughtful and tasteful gift.

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