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Tips For Selling Your Old Jewellery

Posted on by Angela
advice for selling old jewellery

With the prices of several precious metals on the rise, such as gold and platinum, it makes sense to sell any unwanted jewellery whilst you can potentially make a huge profit. Here are our top tips for selling your old jewellery:

Always Do Your Research

It’s important that you do your research into the current value of the material that you are selling, as well as the gemstone that may be included. This will at least give you a rough idea of how much your jewellery is worth. It will also help to know the origin of which the jewellery dates back to.

Get Your Jewellery Repaired Before Selling It

Understandably, the condition of your jewellery can have a huge impact on the value, therefore if you know that a minor repair could increase the value of your jewellery then it makes sense to do so. Do bear in mind that this isn’t always the case, especially if something is damaged beyond repair, sometimes the cost of getting your jewellery repaired can be more expensive than the difference it will make to the value.

Visit Your Local Reliable Jewellers

The majority of local jewelers will provide a valuation of your jewellery for free, they are usually very honest and will offer you a fair price. Once they have valuated your jewellery, you then decide whether you’d like to sell or not.

Avoid Cash-For-Gold Companies

Cash-For-Gold companies have sprung up out of nowhere over the past 10 years, clearly due to the rise in the value of gold. Although they are convenient and save you the hassle of having to visit a jeweler, research has actually found that the prices offered by cash-for-gold companies are significantly low in comparison to high street jewelers and pawnbrokers.

Contact Us

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