A Gentleman’s Guide: Choosing The Right Engagement Ring

It’s Christmas – a beautiful season filled with goodwill and cherished moments spent with loved ones and if you’ve chosen this magical time of the year to propose to your partner then we’re here to help you find the perfect ring. There is a lot of pressure to find the perfect engagement ring, but no-one knows her as you do and no one can help you like your friends here at Aylesbury Bullion.

Choose a Material

White gold, yellow gold, silver and platinum – these are your options. Choosing between them may seem daunting, which is why it’s important to notice what she wears – does she prefer silver jewellery to gold? If you go to a shop window what rings is she drawn to?

Choose a Stone

Once you’ve decided on the material you need to think about the stone. Normally an engagement ring will compose of a diamond, however, there are different grades of diamonds. At this point, it’s good to build a relationship with your jewellers as they can help you pick a diamond which suits your budget and which won’t disappoint on the special day. At Aylesbury Bullion, we’ll help you every step of the way.

Choose a Style

Style is very important – however, it’s important to choose a timeless piece of jewellery, because she’s going to be wearing it for the rest of her life. We have a gorgeous selection of engagement rings, from contemporary rings which combine refined elegance with strong lines, to delicate rings with small detailing. Come in-store and see the various styles we have.

Choose a Size

If you don’t know her ring size, try and take a ring which she wears on a daily basis. You can then bring it to us and we can find out her ring size. This guarantees the perfect fit when it matters most.

If you get stuck or you need help, remember to come and visit us at Aylesbury Bullion; your local jewellers in Aylesbury.