A Gentleman’s Guide Part II: Advice on How to Propose

The New Year signals the beginning of new challenges and new plans; and if you are planning on surprising your girlfriend and proposing you may want to spend some time contemplating how you intend to do this – after all, this story will be retold to family and friends for many years to come.

To help you plan your romantic gesture we’ve devised the following guide which is filled to the brim with things you need to consider before you go down on bended knee (optional) and pop the inevitable question.

To Present a Ring or Not, That is the Question

Many women nowadays like to choose their own engagement ring – and while this ensures they are happy with their ring, it does make it a little less romantic. So if you are confident enough to choose your own ring (click here to read how) then this is definitely the most romantic way to go about it.

If you are not, don’t panic because you can get a proposal ring which you can use to propose and then go shopping with your fiancé to choose the perfect ring together.

How & Where to Propose

This is the big question – and the hardest. You can be exuberant and lavish in your proposal, but often it’s the thoughtful proposal which is the most romantic. Our advice would be to think long and hard, have you got a favourite holiday spot which you two like to go to, or do you have a favourite film? Do you have a personal joke which you two share? The little jokes and memories you two share can be used to create one of the most romantic proposals.

However, if you’re still stuck we have done a bit of research to help you. The one which we thought was terribly romantic was to create a time capsule with your partner filled with lots of photos and memories, and just before you come to bury the time capsule you mention that you want a photo of the moment you two got engaged to be placed into the capsule; at which point you present the ring – taking a photo shortly afterwards.

If this doesn’t sound romantic enough, you could go away on a romantic break to any of the following five hotspots;

– The London Eye, London
– The Eiffel Tower, Paris
– The Canals of Venice, Venice
– The Grand Canyon, Arizona
– The Trevi Fountain, Rome

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