Tips for Choosing the Right Engagement Ring

When you reach the point in your relationship when you think, or maybe even know, that the next step is to propose, it is a beautiful and exciting time that will fill you with butterflies and a whole host of ideas about where and when to ask that life-changing question. However, getting engaged also means finding the right ring – and this is the point where many begin to worry that their choice could bring everything crumbling down. As we have a wealth of experience in advising on and providing breathtaking engagements rings Aylesbury to a variety of customers, we at Aylesbury Bullion have put together some top tips to stop this from ever happening.

Pay Attention!

Everything you need to know about the type of engagement ring she will be dreaming of will already be in front of you or will have been described to you in the past – although all of those memories and clues might seem lost forever. Take some time to pay attention to every little parcel of information because she may be dropping hints without even knowing it. Start with the jewellery and clothes she is already wearing; are they traditional, colourful, modern or unusual? Does her jewellery consist of circles or squares? (This could help with the cut of diamond you choose) Most importantly, determine whether she prefers white metals or yellow gold.

Other hints may be dropped in general conversation, such as when out shopping together and passing by a jewellery store or on the off-chance someone else has just got engaged. Does she really like the ring, or was she just being nice to the new bride-to-be?

Find out her Ring Size

Now, this is where you will really have to be smart, because coming out and asking, “what is your ring size?” will, of course, blow your cover. Enlist the help of her friends or family to drop the question in conversation or to provide you with a ring that we can size up for you.

It all comes down to your own intuition and instinct, although with the amount of engagement rings Aylesbury we have here, there truly is something for everyone, so visit us soon to find the perfect ring, plan the proposal and then you can start thinking about choosing the right venue hire for the big day.

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