A 5 Minute Guide to The Rolex Submariner

If you have ever seen a Rolex watch it’s most likely that you have seen one of Rolex’s most desirable model’s, the Submariner.

If you are looking for or even just thinking about a Rolex Submariner then here’s our 5 minute guide for the important things you need to know about this particular watch.


A quick history of the Rolex Submariner


The Rolex Submariner was first released in 1954 and was brought to market to help divers keep accurate time whilst underwater. It was also the first watch to be water resistant up to 100m. To distinguish itself apart from its competitors stated that it was the official watch of the Royal Navy divers.

When the watch was first released the then price point was considered to be fair in order for people to be able to afford the brand and have the Rolex brand on their wrist. 

Over the years the Submariner has held its ties very close with the water sports community and brought out the Submariner Date model in the 1960s, further solidifying itself as a reputable watch brand but being able to be worn in sport and casual settings.


Did James Bond wear a Rolex Submariner?


Although Rolexes have probably been in several films it has most notably been on the wrist of a Mr James Bond, the famous fiction British spy. 

The Rolex Submariner was worn by the likes of Sean Connery, Roger Moore and Timothy Dalton therefore featuring in such iconic Bond films as Dr No, From Russia With Love & Live and Let Die and more.


Are Rolex submariners a good investment?


In short yes!  Like with any luxury brand within the watch industry owning an early, historical or rare model will always go up in value over time. 

Rolex has always made slight adjustments to its new version of the Submariner therefore it would be expected for previous versions to then increase in price. 

Since it’s first release in the 1950s to nowadays the watch has increased in value by approximately 10000%. With this type of percentage increase you can clearly see that Rolexes are a long term investment and not for just short-term gain. It is not unusual for Rolexes to be handed down from generation to generation and kept in a family’s possession. 


What type of movement is a Rolex Submariner?


With this Rolex being such a precision engineered piece of equipment we can categorically tell you that this luxury watch is not battery powered. It is instead an automatic movement made with some of the most intricate machined movements within the watch industry, with many of these movements patented by Rolex. Also due to the materials used for the movements this is what tends to make Rolexes expensive and hold its value.


What’s the difference between a Submariner and a Submariner Date?


If you are new to the Rolex Submariner and it is not obvious at first the difference between a normal Submariner and it’s Date counterpart is that the date version has a numbered date where the third hour indicator would be.

Where can I find the serial number on a Rolex Submariner?


Depending on the age of the watch there are two different areas where the serial number on a Rolex Submariner would be. For older Rolexes you have to remove the lower band where you should be able to find the serial number between the two lugs. On more recent models circa 2008 onwards you will only find the serial number on the inside of the rehaut at the 6 hour mark end.

How often should I get a Rolex Submariner serviced?


It is recommended that you get your Rolex serviced periodically depending on the use, with a full and proper service every 10 years

Hopefully our 5 minute Rolex Submariner guide has answered all your initial questions and given you a little more insight into this collectible and beautiful watch. We have seen and sold many Submariners and continue to hold stock in our Rolex section.

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